Unlocking Industry 4.0 Potential: Transforming through startup-manufacturer collaborations and the unique role of the Israeli startup ecosystem

This report was prepared in a joint effort by Deloitte and Start-Up Nation Central, an Israeli non-profit organization focused on connecting Israel’s innovation ecosystem with global business leaders, governments, NGOs and academic institutions, to explore Industry 4.0 from the perspective of manufacturers and to understand the unique value proposition Israeli startups bring to this field. We have examined the needs and pain points of manufacturers as well as current Industry 4.0 solutions used to address them. Given the ever-growing number of technological breakthroughs produced by startups alongside rising corporate interest in accessing them, startups play a vital role in Industry 4.0. This report will therefore focus on the areas in which startups are utilized to effectively compete in the modern industrial age.

We further explored how innovations being developed by startups meet the needs of manufacturers to formulate ways in which collaborations can create mutual value. In particular, we closely analyzed the Israeli ecosystem, given its international recognition as an innovation hubz and the unique capabilities its startups bring to Industry 4.0. We hope you find this report insightful and resourceful in fulfilling your Industry 4.0 aspirations.

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