II4 Start-Ups Fighting COVID-19

Apr 01, 2020

This is a list of solutions and insights from II4 Start-Ups in the fight against COVID-19.

  1. Axonize: IoT Orchestration Platform     "One example of how Axonize is helping some of our customers is our project with the Ministry of Health. Within the scope of this project, Axonize offers our services to enable the monitoring of patients in a hospital quarantine. They receive hardware which enables them to undergo a medical examination without staff direct contact..."  Read the article: "How is IoT helping to fight the Coronavirus?"

  2. Matics: Digital Manufacturing Analytics     "Coronavirus is a global pandemic, so it’s important to look at the big picture of how it might be affecting your operations. However, it is not affecting all areas equally, so you need to examine what is happening in smaller local sites as well. Manufacturing software can deliver information on your real-time production efficiency and other key metrics at all times, and in as many or as few of your facilities as you need, no matter where they are. This detailed data allows you to maintain control over your operations from any distance, and it can be accessed through a convenient cloud-linked app....."  Read the article: 7 Ways to Improve Manufacturing Efficiency during Coronavirus 

  3. Anodot*, an Autonomous monitoring company also applicable for industrial use cases, released a public COVID-19 online tracker. Anodot provides real-time updates when number of confirmed coronavirus cases undergo anomalous changes; users can subscribe to email and Twitter alerts that signal, by region, when cases surge or decline. Try it here.

  4. Nanofabrica* has asked it followers to suggest problems that might be solved with its unique micro-3D printing capabilities. See here. In general, the 3D printing community find itself very relevant, as engineers all over the world are in a race to fast-prototype and produce necessary aids. Siemens has made available last week its Additive Manufacturing (AM) Network, along with its 3D printers, to the global medical community, for speed design and production of medical components. 

  5. Cybord*, on the other end, need not adopt much. The company’s counterfeit electronics components inspection solution has become very relevant. With the situation of the supply chain in Asia, many manufacturers are turning to secondary component suppliers, where the risk of counterfeit is higher. Read more about it here.

  6. Onvego's technology can make self-service shopping safer for all of us.  Instead of touching, people can simply use their voice to converse with devices. Using Smart Voice technology, people can avoid coming into physical contact with unattended service devices such as vending and ticketing machines, information kiosks, etc. Read more about how this technology helps prevent the spread of the Coronavirus disease.

  7. NanoScent is using their scent measuring technology to detect for COVID-19.  See the video:  Mass Screening of COVID19 explained by Prof. Gili Regev Yochai, MD.

  8. SparkBeyond is now deployed across four continents, assisting the public sector in predicting risk of infection on a granular level. Read How SparkBeyond is powering a global response to COVID-19

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*These three descriptions were provided by II4 member Ran Livnat and his Siemens blog post Industrial innovation and COVID-19)


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