Three Videos from II4 Summit: (1) Digital Supply Chain (2) CVC Role (3) Innovating Industry

(1) The Digital Supply Chain Challenges 

Session Leader-  Karin Kattegno, Chief Business Officer at Start-Up Nation Central
Speaker- Mourad Tamoud, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Schneider Electric


(2) CVC role in shaping trends

Moderated by Eliran Elimelech with Start-Up Nation Central

Bill Pescatello at Evolv Ventures (backed by The Kraft Heinz Company)
Heriberto Diarte, responsible for Ventures and External Innovation at Schneider Electric


(3) Innovating Industry to Meet Challenges of the New Digital Age

Session Leader- Lior Handelsman, General Partner at Grove Venture
Speaker-Emanuel Lagarrigue, Chief Innovation Officer at Schneider Electric



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