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Success Pays®

Get and keep more nurses certified with no financial risk!

Help the nurses in your organization achieve nursing certification. Reduce nurses’ test-taking anxiety and eliminate financial barriers with the ANCC Success Pays® program.

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The #ANCCSuccessPays program includes certification by exam, certification renewal, and the retired certified nurse recognition program. Nurses are given two opportunities to achieve certification, and you only pay for the ones who pass!

Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Define your organization’s success!  Set your certification rate target and determine your minimum order on initial certifications under the Success Pays program. There is no minimum or maximum number for certification renewals.
    • ANCC gives your organization a unique code, which you distribute to your nurses.
    • Individual nurses use the code in place of traditional payment methods to apply for one of 17 ANCC nursing certifications.
  2. The nurse takes the test or completes renewal requirements.
    • When a nurse passes, a fee for the exam or renewal appears on a monthly invoice to your hospital.
    • If a nurse fails the first time, one retest or resubmission is available at no additional cost.
    • If a nurse fails the retest or resubmission, your organization is not charged.
  3. Your organization increases its number of board certified nurses, with no financial risk!

Contact ANCC at today to get and keep more nurses certified for less.

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Submit documents to:

Attn: Certification/Success Pays
8515 Georgia Avenue, Suite 400
Silver Spring, MD 20910

View list of eligible certifications [pdf]

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How many nurses do we need to enroll in the Success Pays program?

  • The Success Pays program requires the organization to determine their minimum order/certification goal for the year (agreement period), this can be their # of eligible nurses who are committed to submitting their initial certification applications and to sit at least once for the certification exam (choose from 17 active ANCC certifications). Contact us at for more information.   

What is the maximum number of nurses that can enroll in the success pays program?

  • There is no maximum limit under the Success Pays program only a designated minimum number that must be established at the start of the agreement. There is no penalty for going above the minimum order requirement.

What is a shortfall fee?

  • The shortfall fee is calculated at the end of the agreement period. It is the amount due if the set minimum order for the agreement is not met. The shortfall number is the difference between what the total payments to ANCC would have been if the set minimum order obligations were met and the total certification orders received by ANCC (# of eligible candidates who at least tested 1x if not twice) during the one-year agreement period. For example: If your minimum number set on the agreement is 20 and there are only 18 eligible candidates (# of submitted applications, deemed eligible and tested at least 1x), there will be a shortfall of 2. The shortfall fee will be $290 x2= $580 due to ANCC at the completion of the agreement period.

Are there any additional fees for using the Success Pays Program?

  • There are no additional fees.

How do nurses apply for the exam?

    • ANCC supplies the organization’s designated Success Pays coordinator with its unique discount code. When registering for the exam, nurses will use this code to associate their exam application with the hospital’s Success Pays contract.
    1. Log into the ANCC website
    2. Click on the appropriate specialty certification
    3. After the page for your specialty has successfully loaded, click “Apply Online”.
    4. If you do not already have an account, click “Register” located under “New Customer” and complete the customer registration. If you already have an account, complete the required fields to login to your account.
    5. Select/Add Certification to cart
    6. On the checkout page, enter your provided registration code in the “Enter Promotional Code” field.
    7. Click “Apply Promo” to adjust the order total to $0.00.
    8. Click “Process My Order” towards the bottom left of the page as the final step of the certification registration process.

How will the hospital be billed?

  • Each month, the ANCC sends to the Success Pays contact person an invoice and a list of all who applied to take the exam and a list of all nurses that have become certified.

One of our nurses wants to recertify by exam. Can we include her in this program?

  • If a nurse wants to recertify by exam, they need to contact ANCC for further instructions.

The Success Pays® Video Contest Winners

The winners of the contest are hospitals enrolled in the Success Pays® program that provide abundant opportunities for their nurses to earn ANCC board-certification.

2020 Success Pays® Contest Winner

From Applications to Certifications

Top 3 Conversion Rates for period

January 1, 2019 -December 31-2019:

  1. Cox Health
  2. Fairview Health System
  3. Montana Nurses Association

2019 Success Pays® Contest Winner

Excela Health - 2019 Success Pays Video Contest Winner

Excela Health

2019 Success Pays® Contest Winner

2018 Success Pays® Contest Winners

UR Medicine/Strong Memorial Hospital

1st Place Winner UR Medicine/Strong Memorial Hospital. Winner of $2,000 worth of merchandise from the ANCC E-Store

Excela Health

2nd Place Winner Excela Health. Winner of $1,000 worth of merchandise from the ANCC E-Store

Morristown Medical

3rd Place Winner Morristown Medical Center. Winner of $500 worth of merchandise from the ANCC E-Store.

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