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Nursing Continuing Professional Development


The ANCC NCPD Accreditation Program identifies organizations worldwide that demonstrate excellence in Nursing Continuing Professional Development (NCPD). Accredited organizations use evidence-based ANCC criteria to plan, implement and evaluate the highest quality NCPD activities. As a result, health ministries, nursing organizations, employers, and continuing education enterprises rely on ANCC accreditation to call forth advanced nursing practice and improved outcomes. Nurses can choose the highest caliber of education to meet certification or licensure requirements. Learn about benefits for your organization.

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Providers are organizations in any country that develop NCPD activities using ANCC criteria. 
Approvers are organizations in the US that approve NCPD providers for compliance with ANCC criteria.

Applicants must pass a systematic, comprehensive peer review and meet standards outlined in both the Writing to the ANCC NCPD Accreditation Criteria Self-Learning Guide and/or ANCC NCPD Accredited Provider Applicant Journey Guide. The Commission on Accreditation makes the final decision. In addition to these resources see the ANCC NCPD Accredited Provider Policy and Operations Manual.

ANCC NCPD Accredited Provider Policy and operations manual

The purpose of this policy and operations manual is to outline the current ANCC NCPD Accreditation policies and operational expectations for Accredited Providers. While the look and feel of the manual have changed, the policies, criteria, and activity file documentation requirements are not new.

The ANCC Accreditation Program supports the lifelong learning needs of professional registered nurses (RNs) by ensuring that educational activities are designed using criteria that are evidence-based and independent of commercial influence. By participating in nursing continuing professional development provided by accredited organizations, professional RNs are able to maintain continued competence in a rapidly changing healthcare environment.

This manual includes the educational design process chapter, which focuses on the structure, process, and quality outcomes that impact activity planning and the professional practice of nursing and/or patient or system outcomes.

Provider Login

Resources for all accredited Providers.

Approver Login

Resources for all accredited Approvers, including C/SNAs & FNSs. (US only).

C/SNA & FNS Login

Resources to train provider applicants and nurse peer reviewers. For C/SNAs & FNSs only in the US.

Nursing Activity Reporting System

The Nursing Accreditation Reporting System (NARS) is designed to streamline and support the collection of your program and activity data.

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