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2023 ANCC Pathway Award®, sponsored by Press Ganey


2023 Pathway Award

The American Nurses Credentialing Center is proud to launch the 2023 ANCC Pathway Award®, sponsored by Press Ganey! The Pathway Award® recognizes an ANCC Pathway to Excellence® organization for its advancements in a program that promotes innovative thinking in the practice setting. The Pathway Award recipient will receive a monetary award in the amount of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) to implement its innovative project proposal.

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General Information

The project will be aligned with the Pathway to Excellence Practice Standards and will advance the quality of care in the designated organization.

Eligibility Requirement

  • The project proposal is from a Pathway to Excellence-designated organization that’s in good standing through November 2024.
  • The Pathway to Excellence-designated organization has not received the ANCC Pathway Award in the past two years.
  • Only one project proposal is allowed per Pathway to Excellence-designated organization.


Submission of an innovative project that addresses all of the following:

  • Demonstrate innovative thinking
  • Advances the Pathway to Excellence Practice Standards
  • Improves the practice environment
  • Impacts the global community
  • Ability to be replicated by other organizations
  • Allocation of the award money


  • Organization agrees to use the language "ANCC Pathway Award®, sponsored by Press Ganey" in all references to the award.
  • Submitter must "blind" all references made to the submitting organization.
  • CNO must read and acknowledge the Eligibility Criteria and attests to the requirements of the ANCC Pathway Award, sponsored by Press Ganey.
  • Disclosure of material submitted with or in support does not breach the terms of any other contract or agreements, that the submitter is entitled to use the material, and that if any permissions are needed to use the material, they have obtained those permissions.
  • The ANCC Pathway Award reviewer panel shall have permission to use, and display submitted materials in any manner it deems appropriate and to not return such material or any portion thereof to the submitting organization.
  • The ANCC Pathway Award reviewer panel may make such disclosure of the submitter and of the work disclosed in such material as the committee deems appropriate.
  • Organization's compliance officer and/or legal counsel have been consulted to ensure that the organization is not prohibited from accepting the ANCC Pathway Award or any related benefit.
  • Organization agrees to be present to accept the award at the ANCC Pathway to Excellence and ANCC National Magnet Conference if selected as winner.
  • Organization agrees to attend the Pathway Award reception if selected as the winner.
  • No claim shall be made, and no action shall be brought against the American Nurses Credentialing Center, its board of directors, employees, or members of the Pathway Award reviewer panel, arising out of the use made of such project material or of any such disclosure.

Application Process

Applications will be submitted online and will be limited to no more than 2,000 typewritten words using the link:

ANCC Pathway Award, Sponsored by Press Ganey Submission Form

The application must include:

  • Project Abstract (150 words)

The abstract must provide a high-level overview of the project, highlighting the proposed innovation and its desired outcomes.

  • Description of Project (350 words)

This includes:

Problem statement: an explanation of the challenge that is being addressed including references

Goal/Objective: a statement of the desired impact or outcome

Description of the innovation: explanation of how the creative solution or innovation addresses the challenge(s) in a different way.

  • Project Proposal demonstrating Application to a Culture of Excellence (1500 words)

This includes:

Methodology the project design and scope of the proposed intervention. This describes the strategies to meet the project goal/objectives, how the activities will be executed, and the key individuals included in the project.

Evaluation state the plans to evaluate the project’s success and what will be done with the results.

The proposal must also address ALL of the criteria below:

  • Advances the Pathway to Excellence Practice - a description of how the project aligns with the Pathway Standards
  • Improves the practice environment - a description of how the project intervention contributes to a positive practice environment
  • Impacts the global community - a description of the how the project outcomes impact the global community
  • Ability to be replicated by other organizations - a description of how the project can be easily replicated or adopted by other organizations.
  • Allocation of the award money - includes a reasonable estimate and explanation of the resources necessary to conduct the project. Please show your project budget over the course of 12 months in a table format and explain each item, highlighting specifically what the award money will be used toward. Indicate how the project will be funded or sustained after award funds run out.


Application Timeline 

  • Accepting 2023 Pathway Award Project Proposals: Beginning March 6th, 2023
  • Deadline for Submission: 11:59pm EDT on April 28, 2023.
  • ANCC will notify winners no later than July 31st, 2023.


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